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Choosing Your Wedding Florist.

You’re on the hunt for the florist that can bring your vision of your wedding to life, but where do you begin? You may have someone in mind already, you may know them or have seen their work first hand at another wedding, but are they the one for you?

Choosing the style and decor for your celebration is a very personal decision, and can involve a lot of emotion. The choice you make has to feel right, and you have to trust that your florist understands the look that you want to create. I’ve always believed that my couples choose me as their florist because they want ME to do their flowers. It’s my name on the website, so they are reassured that all their dealings will be with me (and they always are). This creates a sense of confidence.

So to begin at the beginning, how do you go about finding your wedding florist?

Many of my couples find me as a recommended supplier at their wedding venue. Being recommended means that I know how a venue works, what is and isn’t allowed, what works best in certain areas and that knowledge gives couples a clearer understanding of what their wedding could look like.

Increasingly Instagram is influencing couples floral choices. It’s a great way to find a style you love, connect with a florist and see their portfolio of work, and once you’ve booked them to see what they’re doing in the lead up to your wedding.

Wedding Fairs and Showcases - these are a great way to see up close and personal what a florist’s work is like. You’ll also get the chance to find out if you actually like them in person! Remember, you’re going to be working with your florist for many months, and sometimes for more than a year. You need to feel absolutely confident that they understand you and vice versa. A gorgeous website and fabulous PR may attract potential clients, but if a supplier can’t back that up with practical knowledge and expertise it’s time to walk away.

Choosing your flowers is an enjoyable part of the planning process, it’s all about the creativity so dive in. Once you have found your dream florist though, don’t wait. Book them before someone else does!

Next month, I’ll be covering the questions you need to be asking right from the start.