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As far as I’m concerned, a wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without a bouquet. The flowers that a bride carries set the tone for the day, and are an intrinsic part of making your special day so memorable.

The tradition of a bride carrying flowers has its roots in ancient times, when it was believed that flowers signify new beginnings, fidelity and the hope of fertility. The modern version of the bridal bouquet was popularised by Queen Victoria when she married Prince Albert. In an age when flowers each had a different meaning, their exchange was linked to romantic love. Because of this flowers, their with their romantic association became a part of wedding ceremonies.

Today however, most of the old traditions have been forgotten, and brides now choose their flowers for their colours, fragrance and shape. A wedding bouquet is the greatest accessory and reflects a brides personal style and preferences.


So how do you choose your perfect bouquet? Well your dress will have a lot to do with it! The actual design will depend on the style, colour, and design of your gown. Pinterest is a great starting point, and you’ll be spoilt for choice for inspiration. A word of caution though, please DON’T bombard your florist with a a constant stream of Pinterest images, but DO trust them to use their expertise, and create something breathtaking for you.

Whatever the style of bouquet you choose, it has to be right for you. This is actually a really good time NOT to follow fashion! From neat and compact to wild and woolly, bouquets come in many styles and sizes. You may love the idea of a perfectly neat dome of roses, or some wildly cascading creation, but the size of your wedding bouquet must suit you, and your dress.

Many brides have said to me that they don’t want to feel overwhelmed by their bouquets. In contrast, I’ve also known brides who like the idea of carrying something oversized, so that they have something to hide behind! With floral fashions changing from day by day, the most important thing is that the flowers perfectly complement you and your gown.

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In choosing your flowers, there will be some flowers that you like that aren’t available all year round. Ask your florists advice on what the best options are when you’re getting married. Choosing seasonal flowers will also be more cost effective. A really nice personal touch is to include flowers that represent a family tradition. Perhaps flowers that your mother or grandmother carried on their wedding days.

Finally it’s important to feel comfortable holding your bouquet, and to hold it correctly. It should be held slightly away from you, and just below your hip so that the shape of your dress can be seen. Remember, you aren’t holding a microphone!

If you intend to throw it by the way, don’t go for something heavy, or you may injure someone (it has happened!) Above all relax, and enjoy the beautiful bouquet that your florist has created for you.