"Renowned for his dramatic floral installations and eye for colours and details, Simon Nickell is one of the most revered and watched florists in the UK, setting and predicting trends". 

Image by Liberty Pearl Photography   

Image by Liberty Pearl Photography



Formally trained but never a fan of formality, I've been a florist for nearly 30 years. The breathtaking setting of my home county of Cornwall inspired my floral career at the age of 19, and has influenced my love of the English herbaceous style ever since. 

Having been told that I  needed to be taken in hand by a wild London florist, I made the move in 1994 to work with some of the Capital's leading floral designers. During those early days I was told two things. Firstly, that whilst I was no Nancy Cunard, neither was I Edith Sitwell, and secondly that I had the potential to become a virtuoso. I concentrated on the latter.

Focusing on weddings and events, I flower my way from country houses in Cornwall to smart hotels in London and beyond. I let the flowers take centre stage and work with the seasons. I often write articles for the wedding industry in print and online, and I'm passionate about the industry which I love and which  inspires me on a daily basis.

If you'd like to discuss your wedding or event flowers, please do get in touch. 

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